1. We highly recommend scheduling appointments in advance, although we also welcome walk-ins and will accommodate them based on our Fashion Consultant's availability.
2. Consumption of food & drinks inside the premises is prohibited.
3. Kindly be aware that trying on clothing is not allowed.
4. Photography or videography of our dresses is prohibited.
5. We do not offer exchanges or refunds under any circumstances.
6. Orders once placed cannot be cancelled, refund or exchanged.
7. A minimum upfront payment of 65% is mandatory for all orders.
8. The customer is required to sign and approve the measurements chart; otherwise, the customer will bear full responsibility.
9. Please note that the delivery date does not account for shipping time.
10. The delivery date for your product becomes guaranteed only after we have received a 65% advance payment from the customer.
11. There will be an extra cost for additional accessories.
12. Original advance receipts must be provided upon delivery. 
13. Customization Guidelines:
• Customized Orders are only based on the changes of color, measurements, fabric choices, and any reduction of embellishments. We request a mandatory upfront payment of 65%, which is non-refundable. The remaining balance is due on the final day of delivery.
• The company will not be responsible for the delivery date of customized orders if the necessary approvals from the customer is delayed, such as, Color, Measurements, Fabric choices, and any reduction of Embellishments.
• Upon the confirmation of these elements, Fashion consultant will proceed to finalize the delivery date.
14. Bespoke Guidelines:
• For Bespoke orders, 50,000 PKR adjustable payment in order, is collected during the sketching phase, which typically takes a minimum of one week, allowing up to 3 changeable sketches if needed.
• Once the sketch is approved by the customer, advance payment of either 65% of the total order or 100,000 PKR (whichever is higher) has to be paid by the customer.
• If any additional work is to be included in the sample, it will require a re-evaluation of the cost and approval from the production house. This approval is mandatory, requiring an upfront payment of 65% to initiate the production process.
• The payment includes both the mock stage and the presentation of the embellishment sample piece.
• The Embellishment sample, typically ranges from 10 to 15 inches.
• Both elements will be shown to the customer for their final approval.
• Once the customer grants approval for the mock and embellishment sample, the order will finally proceed to the production process. 
15. The company isn't accountable for the Bespoke order's delivery date if customer approvals for the sketch, mock, embellishment sample, fabric, color swatch, and measurements are delayed.
16. The fashion consultant will confirm the delivery date once these elements are approved.
17. Before placing your order, please be certain about your chosen style, color, size, and any other details.
18. By submitting an order, you acknowledge your complete agreement with the stated Terms & Conditions.
19. Please note that we cannot accommodate any claims after the delivery date. Customers are required to collect their orders within 60 days from the specified delivery date. If the order remains unclaimed after this period, Zartash reserves the right to cancel it. In such cases, Zartash is not liable to offer any refund or compensation for the unfulfilled order.
20. We offer worldwide shipping, with deliveries scheduled from Monday to Friday between 13:00 and 17:00. You will receive tracking information once your item has been shipped, and delivery charges will apply. Please note that we do not make deliveries on weekends or bank holidays. We will ensure to make every effort to meet estimated delivery date.
21. All Govt taxes will be applicable on the confirmation of the purchase.
22. Company reserves the rights to update the assurance without any prior notice.
23. Changing the dress fabric is not allowed.
24. In customized order, same embellishment material is subject to availability.